Retraction: U.K. Police Can’t Hack Willy Nilly

by kriggins on January 6, 2009

in General, Privacy

In yesterday's Interesting Information Security Bits post, I pointed to an article that indicated that the U.K. had implemented policy changes that allow police officers to "hack" into a suspect's computer without a warrant.

According to this article. That is not true. While there have been discussions about expanding the police force's latitude in this arena, nothing has been enacted at this time.

From the article:

A spokesman for the Home Office told the Reg that UK police can already snoop - but these activities are governed by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and the Surveillance Commissioner. He said changes had been proposed at the last Interior Ministers' meeting, but nothing has happened since.

I have pointed this out in it's own post because I dislike being responsible for spreading fud. I apologize for misleading you with my post yesterday.


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