About Me


Hi there!

Thanks for being a bit curious about who I am. I am an Information Security professional with 24+ years Information Technology experience working on about as many different types of systems as I have fingers and toes. About 13 years ago I decided that Information Security was the next arena I wanted to focus on.

By day, I serve as the enterprise security architect for a global Fortune 500 financial services company.


Outside of my day job I:

On the social networking side, I am on Twitter in two places in addition to SecurityTwits mentioned above.  kriggins is my main feed where I blather on about whatever comes to mind including information security topics, photography, and general silliness. If you aren't interested in that much information from me :), you can follow me as InfoSecRamblins. That account is information security focused and not as active as it probably should be. I also have a LinkedIn account for those who roll that way, Kevin.Riggins.

I can be contacted via the form below or via email at kriggins@infosecramblings.com.