Interesting Bits – April 23rd, 2008

by kriggins on April 23, 2008

in Interesting Bits

Lot's if interesting stuff today. So here we go:

CNN.Com, Politically Motivated DDoS, and Asymmetric Warfare - A very insightful look at cybercrime and asymmetrical warefare.

Navigating the PCI DSS Standards... - Rafal Los has a good overview of the PCI update to 6.6.

New Phishing Scam Targetting Economic Stimulus Payments - mxlogic has a post about a new phishing scam.

5 Reasons Why IT Security People Shouldn’t Ignore Cloud Computing - Craig Balding tells us 5 reasons we should be paying attention to cloud computing now.

A little judicial oversight please - Martin McKeay has a good post about privacy and the need for enforcement agencies to have access to information, but with appropriate judicial oversight.

Information Week's Virtual NAC Tradeshow - Jennifer Jabbusch points out that there is an virtual trade show being delivered by Information Week. If she recommends it, you should go check it out.

Logs - A double-edged sword? Beating PCI Fines by bad security practices? -Declan Ingram gives and interesting and potentially worrisome issue with logs and PCI fines.

How to Make Security a Presence in Your Organization - Frank Cassano has some good tips on how to increase the impact of you security awareness program.

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