Your stuff is safe in our hotel….fail!

by kriggins on June 6, 2008

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So, just got back from our vacation and while I noticed many occasions where security was definitely not priority one, the most egregious was in pretty much every place we stayed. Most of the places we stayed have a policy where you return your room key to the front desk whenever you leave the hotel.

The epic fail comes in when we would return to the hotel from gallivanting about in exotic locations 🙂 You walk up to the desk and say your room number and the helpful individual there hands you your key and off you go. No identity verification of any kind. Oops.

Now, if it is a small hotel with limited staff, the argument can be made that they recognize you and no further controls need to exist. Not really buying it, but there it is. The real problem I noticed is in the last hotel we stayed. Pretty much every day there was someone new behind the counter and over the course of four days I was asked for my name exactly once! To give credit to that indiviual, she even checked the register to ensure that I was the one staying in the room I asked for.

Second problem, the keys were located in plain view. This means it was easy to see which rooms were empty, i.e. key present, and which weren't, i.e. key gone.

So what's my point? I have an observation and a question.

1) don't leave stuff you want to keep in your hotel room even if the hotel says it safe unless you can secure it somehow

2) When you see things like this do you/should you bring it to the attention of those responsible?


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Benjamin Juang June 6, 2008 at 11:18 am

1) I’m preetttty sure most hotel agreements state that they aren’t responsible for stuff left in rooms – the only time they’re responsible for your stuff is if you give it to them to lock up in a safe behind the front desk. However, allowing other people to access your room unintentionally due to a lack of controls may be something they could be sued for…?

2) Very carefully? Or you could arrange a demonstration… That would probably make the strongest impression, resulting in the most amount of change. Although it’s pretty unlikely that managers would care, especially since they’re safe from any lawsuits as a result of the agreement/contract they make you sign.


Kevin Riggins June 6, 2008 at 11:43 am


Your first point is well taken and I in no way meant to imply that I should expect a hotel to be responsible for me leaving my expensive camera or laptop in my room and it disappearing. However, I have stayed in places where, in spite of hotel agreements, the front desk has stated that I “shouldn’t have any problems” or “we’ve never had any issues with theft”, etc…

I agree that it is unlikely that any comments I made would have been welcomed by managers. Your mention of suing does bring up another issue for the hotel though, brand value. Mention of brand during the conversation might make them a little more likely to listen. Of course, they have to care about their brand first 🙂



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