Intersting Information Security Bits for August 1st, 2008

by kriggins on August 1, 2008

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Here we go. Just blogosphere stuff today.

Erix gives is some thoughts on prepping for the CISSA and CISA exams.

Malta Info Security has a post up talking about an application called CrypTool. Learn about cryptography in your spare time.

Chris Hayes recently started a blog talking about risk assessment. Today he has a post up that tackles the question "What is Risk?" It is worth a read.

Kees refers to a Veriozon Business Security Blog post that analyzes scenarios for exploiting the recent DNS vulnerability. He has an additional perspective that is worth checking out.

Security4all lets us know that the videos from The Last HOPE are now available. Thanks. Time to fire up the bittorrent client and make sure you have plenty of disk space.

Nate over at Zero Day brings to our attention that we are now in that time period where we start to see talks pulled from Blackhat.

Rafal reminds us that we really shouldn't be exposing the administration interfaces of our systems and applications to the wild and wooly internet. He then shows us a way to see how many people are forgetting/ignoring this tenet.

Finally, the list of InforSec events for August is up over at

That is it for today.

Have a great weekend everybody.


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