Backtrack/Nessus/Persistent Changes goodness…

by kriggins on September 7, 2008

in Tips

Hi everybody,

Some of you know that I have been working on a document that describes how to  build a bootable USB thumbdrive with Backtrack 3, persistent changes, Nessus, Firefox 3 and Fyodor's Blackhat 2008 nmap on it.

Well, it is ready for real world testing 🙂  I have tested it to make sure it isn't a complete waste of your time, but no warranties or guarantees are granted or implied 🙂

Now, please feel free to send comments or suggestions to me at kriggins [at] or just leave a note on either the how-to page or this post.

If you look in the header of this page you will see a tab titled "Backtrack 3 - USB/Persistent Changes/Nessus/Firefox 3/BH08 Nmap".  That is where the how-to is going to live. Direct link below.

Backtrack 3 - USB/Persistent Changes/Nessus/Firefox 3/BH08 Nmap

Good luck and have fun.


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