Interesting Information Security Bits for 12/17/2008

by kriggins on December 17, 2008

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Good afternoon everybody! I hope your day is going well.

Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. See if you agree with Christofer. I do and did even before I read all of this post.
    Rational Survivability: Virtual Routing - The Anti-Matter of Network SECURITY...
    Tags: ( virtualization networking routing )
  2. Isn't it rather pointless to be logging if you aren't looking at the logs?
    Auditor: IRS doesn't check cyberaudit logs
    Tags: ( irs log-monitoring )
  3. And for a hat trick, Opera also releases a patch for severe vulnerabilities. IE, Firefox and Opera have all three put out patches this week. Sheesh. It's enough to make a guy go back to lynx.
    Opera releases update for 'extremely severe' vulns * The Register
    Tags: ( vulnerability opera patches )
  4. It's fixed now, but American Express had a significant XSS bug in their site.
    American Express web bug exposes card holders * The Register
    Tags: ( vulnerability xss )
  5. Microsoft has updated their Anti-XSS code analysis tool.
    Microsoft updates code analysis tool, SQL injection XSS library
    Tags: ( tools analysis sql xss )
  6. You probably already know, but Microsoft is releasing an out of cycle patch today for the IE 0-day.
    Microsoft issues emergency patch warning for IE * The Register
    Tags: ( microsoft ie patch )
  7. Time to update your Mozilla apps.
    10 Bugs Fixed in New Mozilla Apps - Security Watch
    Tags: ( vulnerability firefox patches )
  8. A nice list of programs that allow you to view and extract information from various file types like html, swf, registry files, etc.
    Windows Viewers & Information Extractors for Various File Types << SANS Computer Forensics, Investigation, and Response
    Tags: ( windows viewers )
  9. A couple of visualization tools have been released by Utah State University under the GPL license.
    New IP visualization tools released as open source by Utah State University | SecViz
    Tags: ( visualization )
  10. A nice article about including security development lifecycle practices into agile development.
    Agile SDL: Streamline Security Practices For Agile Development
    Tags: ( programming sdl )
  11. Get those banners with nmap and a little script-fu.
    Banner Grabbing with Nmap: Reloaded
    Tags: ( nmap scripting )
  12. The next webcast in the Blackhat series is coming up on the 18th of December.
    Black Hat Webcast Series: Database Forensics with David Litchfield
    Tags: ( webcasts blackhat )
  13. Josh has written a paper about Vista and some things you can do with wireless penetration testing. I haven't had a chance to read through it yet, but I skimmed it. Looks interesting.
    Vista WIreless Power Tools for the Penetration Tester
    Tags: ( pentest vista wifi )
  14. Part 6. As usual, there are links to the previous parts of the series. Just so you know, these posts are going to be wrapped up into a whitepaper. So get involved in the discussion.
    Building a Web Application Security Program: Part 6, Secure Deployment |
    Tags: ( webappsec program )
  15. A nice review of the Offensive Security 101 course.
    Offensive Security 101 Review | Infosec Events
    Tags: ( training review )
  16. Hot off the press, it's version 3 of the OWASP Security Testing Guide. Go get some.
    Writing Secure Software: OWASP Security Testing Guide Vs 3 Officially Released!
    Tags: ( pentest webappsec owasp guides )
  17. Craig is offering to answer your questions about the IT Security Profession from a mentoring perspective. My suggestion, bury him 🙂 Seriously, this is a great opportunity for those who have questions about entering or advancing in our profession.
    Announcing the Infosec 10 Minute Mentor | Security Wannabe
    Tags: ( career )
  18. Some good guidance in here.
    10 golden rules of using public WIFI | Roer.Com Information Security Blog
    Tags: ( wireless tips )

That's it for today. Have fun!

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