Interesting Information Security Bits for 02/25/2009

by kriggins on February 25, 2009

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Good afternoon everybody! I hope your day is going well. Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Folks, please be careful what you put on your Facebook pages. Don't let something like this happen to you. Police: Facebook hacker gets student's nude photos Tags: ( privacy facebook )
  2. Some video of Dino Dai Zovi, Rich Mogull, Christofer Hoff being interviewed by Dennis Fisher on virtualization. Rational Survivability: Virtualization & Security: Disruptive Technologies - A Four Part Video Miniseries... Tags: ( virtualization )
  3. When to use the carrot and when to use the stick? Both good questions. Shrdlu has some advice for us. Carrot-sticks and security. Tags: ( enforcement )
  4. What happens when you need endpoint DLP on Windows, Mac and Linux all at once? The answer, nothing easy 😉 Is There Any DLP or Data Security On Mac/Linux? | Tags: ( dlp )
  5. This looks to be like a whole lot of fun. If you are close, it should go on your list of things to do. HiR Information Report: Cowtown Computer Congress Grand Opening [Kansas City] Tags: ( hackerspace )
  6. Erik has part 3 of his securing Linux series up. Art of Information Security >> Secure Your Linux Host - Part 3: Why A Host Firewall ? Tags: ( linux )
  7. A nice beginning to what looks to be an interesting series. ShackF00 >> BS Filtering for CISOs: An Introduction Tags: ( ciso )

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Matt March 1, 2009 at 9:24 pm

While personal reputation can be damaged by using Facebook (or its peers), because of recent management moves at Facebook it is possible that corporate brands may suffer as well.

Use of social networks by any business may be problematic. Facebook recently re-wrote its Terms of Service (TOS) claiming “irrevocable and perpetual” ownership of all member’s posts and uploaded content. After an immediate member and press backlash, Facebook management reversed their decision, and then most recently introduced a process that will result in a set of Facebook “Principles” and an accompanying “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.” Facebook, and its peers might be a valuable marketing channel, and corporations across the globe are attempting to use it to build relationships with their customers and mine for additional profits.

Image, and the marketing used to craft and support it, tends to evolve. Unexpected use of historical content by a company that was once in a corporation’s communications chain could diminish the value of current marketing investments. Under some circumstances it might even reduce the value of a corporation’s brand.

More at: Facebook Claim to Content – Doom for Corporate Use?



kriggins March 4, 2009 at 3:47 pm

Thanks for the comment Matt. Another aspect to consider is impersonation on social networks. It probably behooves organizations to take a look at claiming the names/trademarks on social sites to help mitigate issues where others use them to intentionally damage the legitimate brand and/or marketing efforts made by the company.

Just a thought.



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