RSA 2009 Live Blogging – Keynote 5 – Lt. Gen. Keith B. Alexander

by kriggins on April 21, 2009

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Securing our Government Networks

Lt. Gen. Keith B. Alexander is the head of the NSA.

States that the NSA does not want to be in charge of information security for the nation.

Speaking to the data collection issues recently. They self-report when they make a mistake outside of their mandate.

Going to cover history of NSA, where they are today, talk about the networks the threat, the way forward, talk about Mellissa Hathaway and what they will be talking about yesterday.

Talking about history now, Enigma. It was a game changer. Being able to break it was an even bigger game changer.

How did we build NSA and why. Protect our secrets and finding out there. How do we do this while balancing liberty and security. First NSA charter 1952.

The issue he states that the networks were point-to-point. Not any longer as we all know. Everything is connected.

Moving from a medium carrying communications to a place where America stores its wealth and treasure.

"Information, Money, Medical Records..."

Some interesting stats on current cyber space.

The threat is real.

Points out the Estonia incident where they are significantly impacted by a concerted effort to disrupt its online abilities.

Increasing instances of cyber warefare.

Stategy: Team to protect classified & national security networks. Learn to protect against highest threats. Share lessons learned, technology, training with DHS; enhance shared situational awareness. Be prepared to help protect the nation during key events.

Defending important networks. It has to be a team of both governmental and civil organizations.

Closing remarks: Working together works better. We now need to figure out how to secure it, not at the risk of civil rights and privacy, but for the good of the nation. NSA is a part of doing that.

That's a wrap for the keynotes today.

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jody taylor August 12, 2009 at 3:11 pm

I am tired of our troops getting killed by IEDs. why can we not us some type of electronic waves to sort them out or dissarm? I dont deal with D/C power but i think we are not useing the best minds in the world to solve a simple problem, these things have got to be able to be shut down.


Arthur November 5, 2009 at 10:30 am

They already have electronic jammers and disruptors for IEDs. The problem is the vast number of devices used to detonate them (cell phone, hardwire, proximity sensors, trembler sensors, trip wires, etc.). Insurgents have adapted to new technology by changing techniques and creating redundant triggers with a combination of the devices. Its disappointing but the enemy can go as low tech as they want and still be effective:


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