SecurityTwits Recap: 7/27/2011 – 8/3/2011

by kriggins on August 5, 2011

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This is the first of what will become a weekly recap of things that happened on SecurityTwits feed. It will normally be published around 15:00 GMT on Wednesdays

What will be in these recaps?

They will contain most of the tweets/retweets made by SecurityTwits and the responses that carbon SecurityTwits. That of course means that if you respond to a SecurityTwits tweet make sure to include both the original poster and SecurityTwits so everybody can learn from the conversation.

The format will be original tweet/retweet left justified and then any responses indented just under that tweet.

I hope you find this helpful and I welcome suggestions on how to make these recaps even better.

InfoSec Questions

RT @izatt82 For anyone using client side certs for websites, how do you deploy the certs? or are you buying into a CA cert in browser?

RT @lactichaze: Does anyone have some good reading on SEO poisoning per chance? (apart from the usual sources like Websense) #infosecq

RT @angelofsecurity I'm curious - what do most internal #infosecpros think when their IT dept undergoes a security #audit#infosecq

From: dewser Mike Dews
@securitytwits Depends on the department I suppose. I welcome both the good and the bad of an #audit, let me know what I am doing right.

From: A_Sgroi Anthony
@securitytwits @angelofsecurity Glad, It helps us get the things done that we have been trying too and were not getting support.

From: real_life_CISO Drew
@securitytwits @angelofsecurity, my thought is almost always "we're paying for this???" Most auditors are pretty clueless.

InfoSec Meet-ups/Tweet-ups

RT @d0rkh0rs3_tjw: Save the date: 08-20, Mid/Northern New England infosec tweetup #MEInfoSecTweetup

InfoSec Jobs

RT @armorguy: Looking to hire 3 for my healthcare infosec team in the ATL. Interested? under Info Systems

InfoSec Call for Presentations

RT @appsecusa: Please RT: #OWASP #AppSec USA 2011 Open Source Showcase - submit your demos - [ #cfp#infoseccfp ]

As usual, questions and comments can be left below or you can email me at


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