SecurityTwits Weekly Recap: 8/4/2011 – 8/9/2011

by kriggins on August 10, 2011

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This is the weekly recap of things that happened on SecurityTwits feed for August 4th - August 9th, 2011.

What's in the recap?

It contains most of the tweets/retweets made by SecurityTwits and the responses that carbon SecurityTwits. That of course means that if you respond to a SecurityTwits tweet make sure to include both the original poster and SecurityTwits so everybody can learn from the conversation.

The format will be original tweet/retweet left justified and then any responses indented just under that tweet.

I hope you find this helpful and I welcome suggestions on how to make these recaps even better.

InfoSec Questions

RT @DMartinez7500 anyone know if there's an agency i can contact on orgs who refuse to patch vulns even if customer data is vulnerable?

From: e_cowperthwaite Eric Cowperthwaite
@securitytwits @DMartinez7500 it all depends on who the organization is and what they are not securing. eg Healthcare, you could go with HHSM

From: Gheistbane Dave Jacobs
@securitytwits US-Cert?

RT @AndSchwa @securitytwits Where's a guide for implementing a simple VPN on Server 2008? #infosecq

RT @AndSchwa If my router (D-Link DIR-615) already has DD-WRT with enough NVRAM, where do I find the DD-WRT OpenVPN firmware? #infosecq

From: sec_doc Lester Nichols
Hopefully you were able to find it on the website yourself, but here is the link @securitytwits @AndSchwa

From: AndSchwa Andrew Schwartzmeyer
@sec_doc @securitytwits Does there specifically have to be an OpenVPN build for my router?

From: sec_doc Lester Nichols
@AndSchwa @sec_doc @securitytwits Not alteady has dd-wrt only based only your post...did you install original

From: AndSchwa Andrew Schwartzmeyer
@sec_doc @securitytwits It's the original standard version. I can do a PPTP server, but I'm wanting more security, say L2TP

From: sec_doc Lester Nichols
@AndSchwa @sec_doc @securitytwits you should be able to update to the vpn version assuming you were not usint they minimal build...

From: AndSchwa Andrew Schwartzmeyer
@sec_doc @securitytwits That's what I thought too. Yet I'm having the oddest trouble locating the OpenVPN build.

From: sec_doc Lester Nichols
@AndSchwa @sec_doc @securitytwits are you looking specifically for open vpneumonia or just vpn....

From: AndSchwa Andrew Schwartzmeyer
@sec_doc @securitytwits Looking for more secure VPN than PPTP. OpenVPN seems to be the solution.

From:  sec_doc Lester Nichols
@AndSchwa @sec_doc @securitytwits based only the site you would have to try a generic image...that model does not have the vpn build for it

From:  AndSchwa Andrew Schwartzmeyer
@sec_doc @securitytwits Ay's that's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the confirmation 🙂 I may try the generic.

RT @techflavor: Can anyone recommend a good bluetooth dongle for my desktop computer.. I use BT5 often so compatibility it a plus

From: mark747eagle Mark Denton
@securitytwits @techflavor Something like Belkin Bluetooth USB plus EDR Adapter, 100m range, v2.1. The micro ones dont have a good range

From: c64er Chris 'xc8'
@techflavor @securitytwits had problems with 'generic' dongles,. I am using the "Belkin Mini" is cheap (around 6£) not bulky and works fine

From: c64er Chris 'xc8'
@techflavor @securitytwits ..pls note: BT dongles on Desktops are best installed on the direct m/board USB ports (not 'header')

From: FrancisDp Douglas Francis
@securitytwits @techflavor ubertooth. I know @hak5 is selling them in there shop.

InfoSec Meet-ups/Tweet-ups


InfoSec Jobs

RT @GrrCON: 100+ openings in IT & InfoSec, multiple companies actively recruiting. 20+ talks! #infosecjob

RT @dewser#infosecjobs anyone interested in a sec engineer job at Morgan Stanley? DM me.

InfoSec Call for Presentations

RT @hevnsnt: BsidesKC Call for Papers!! (CFP ends on 10/1/2011)

Also BSidesMO call for papers is open: Contact @JGamblin if you have questions.


As usual, questions and comments can be left below or you can email me at


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