SecurityTwits Weekly Recap: 8/10/2011 – 8/16/2011

by kriggins on August 17, 2011

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This is the weekly recap of things that happened on SecurityTwits feed for August 10th - August 16th, 2011.

What's in the recap?

It contains most of the tweets/retweets made by SecurityTwits and the responses that carbon SecurityTwits. That of course means that if you respond to a SecurityTwits tweet make sure to include both the original poster and SecurityTwits so everybody can learn from the conversation.

The format will be original tweet/retweet left justified and then any responses indented just under that tweet.

I hope you find this helpful and I welcome suggestions on how to make these recaps even better.

InfoSec Questions

RT @robdew@securitytwits How do you stay sharp on red team skillz when it's not part of your daily job?

From: sempf Bill Sempf
@securitytwits @robdew Breaking into RIMs blog, apparently.

From:  lythander Rob Maxwell
RT @robdew@securitytwits How do you stay sharp on red team skillz when it's not part of your daily job? <-isn't that what Anonymous is?

From:  thrashor C Hammond-Thrasher
@securitytwits @robdew I have been making attack tool presentations with demos - forces you to play with the tools even if u don't use them.

From:  bonsaiviking Daniel Miller
@securitytwits @robdew Read twitter, blogs. Practice on Jarlsberg, DVL, WebGoat, Metasploitable, etc. Freelance SMBs on the cheap.

RT @jpettorino: Looking for ex. of an eye catching InfoSec CV/resume format. I know, it's like asking for investing advice from your bookie.

RT @iiamit Anyone with connections to Japanese CERTs of any sort? Looking for data on recent banking fraud. (cc: @securitytwits)

RT @3141592f: Have any of you trained Blackberry Enterprise Server services to use EMET? re: RCE via image parsing vuln on BES MDS.

RT @Nevins_B: Has anyone used SafeSquid ( any advantages other then saving configuration time?

RT @n0b0d4 @securitytwits do we know anyone in the abuse dept at rackspace - friend getting stonewalled via email

From: Rackspace Rackspace Hosting
@securitytwits We can help. Please email details to

RT @lactichaze: I have 48hrs to come up with a Security Risk Management Strategy, and a Information Security Roadmap.. Help?? #infosecq

From: snel_m Mark Snel
Check #ISF #ISACA #ISC2 good resource! good luck. 🙂 @securitytwits @lactichaze

From: budzeg Olabode Olaoke
@securitytwits @lactichaze take a look at ISO27001 and NIST. You can't go wrong with a combo of both...

From: vic_kerlin Vic Kerlin
@securitytwits @lactichaze Check out They have guides and templates that may help or look at "Linked In" ASIS group

RT @infosecramblins: Q: What are your SecureID pin complexity rules, i.e. 8 alpha w/, # and symbol or your daughter's first name? #infosecq

RT @tccroninv: Ask NetSec People: How many still use PPTP? Is it to support legacy systems?

From: coolacid Jason Kendall
@securitytwits @tccroninv IPSec is hard(ish), OpenVPN isn't Supported in iOS and L2TP isn't really secure.

InfoSec Meet-ups/Tweet-ups

RT @ITSecurity: Any of you guys know of any @MassHackers @BeanSec type meetings in NH?

RT @innismir@scuritytwits or a @beansec alternative in RI? Or am I going to have to set one up myself?

From: jack_daniel Jack Daniel
@securitytwits @innismir DC401? There's another tech meetup thing, but there isn't a CitySec-like gathering.

InfoSec Jobs

RT @MyAnis007: Anyone in the boston area looking for a security analyst? #infosecjobs

RT @innismir: My old job posted - Sr. Security Engineer at @massgov -- -- Great group of people. #infosecjobs

RT @DigitalHeMan: Looking for a Solutions Architect (presales) to work for HP TippingPoint in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. DM details #infosecjobs

RT @SpiderLabs: We have 29 jobs at @Trustwave. Austin, Chicago, Denver, London, New Delhi, NYC, Singapore, & Sydney.

RT @tribalsoul: If in the Central Ohio Area and interested in a min 1 yr contract at a large downtown company, please DM me. #infosecjobs


InfoSec Call for Presentations

RT @jfug #BSidesKC CFP is OPEN! bsideskc at gmail dot com

RT @diami03: RT @InfoWarrior0: Get those CFP's in. BSidesDFW 2011 CFP deadline August 21st!! LASCON 2011 CFP deadline August 19th 12 pm CST!

RT @gattaca: due to overwhelming pleading we are EXTENDING THE SECTOR.CA CFP DEADLINE. Oops capslock. For long you ask? Just submit it.


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