SecurityTwits Weekly Recap: 9/7/2011 – 9/13/2011

by kriggins on September 14, 2011

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This is the weekly recap of things that happened on the SecurityTwits feed for August 31st - September 6th, 2011.

What's in the recap?

It contains most of the tweets/retweets made by SecurityTwits and many of the responses that carbon SecurityTwits. That of course means that if you respond to a SecurityTwits tweet make sure to include both the original poster and SecurityTwits so everybody can learn from the conversation.

The format will be original tweet/retweet left justified and then any responses indented just under that tweet.

I hope you find this helpful and I welcome suggestions on how to make these recaps even better.

InfoSec Questions

RT @jkvester: @securitytwits anyone got the bypassuac metasploit post module working on Windows 7? (If so, which patchlevel?)

RT @pwpslade: Does anyone have stats for the number of organisations using multi-factor authentication? #infosecq

InfoSec Call for Presentations

RT @hackinparis: #hackinparis Call For Papers now online, feel free to send your talk and workshop proposals !

RT @shmoocon: Oh, hi! How about a CFP?

InfoSec Meet-ups/Tweet-ups

RT @d0rkh0rs3_tjw: Who wants to do another #SeacoastSec #MaineInfoSecTweetup soon? Some Saturday in the next couple of weeks, and where?

RT @InfoSecMentors: is up! We're doing quick matches, now until Sept 14. Pls RT! #BruCon Are you signed up?

InfoSec Jobs

For addtional job listings, makes sure to visit LiquidMatrix's job board.

RT @Digital_Defense Digital Defense is hiring! Looking for exp pen testers, software engineers. Interested? hr <at>

RT @kriggins: Please take my job, RIsk Assessment Team Mngr, so I can stop doing it + my new role: Req number 212679

RT @wimremes: I'm still looking for manager and senior level infosec people and IT auditors. Dutch or French + English. Hit me up.

RT @MikD: Looking to hire 2 full time, former PCI QSA Managers (or experienced). Also, friend is looking for PCI contractors.

RT @danphilpott: I'm currently looking for some C&A folks for a few projects. If interested in working for a fast growing company DM me.

RT @alexhutton: Open InfoSec positions here in Salt Lake (possibility of remote): IAM, 2 Security Architects, 1 Security Testing. DM Me.

RT @kizz_my_anthia: R7 is looking for a new pen tester or two, hit me up for details if u or you no sum1 interested

RT @StrongwaterSec: A challenging InfoSec position in one of the most interesting security environments, higher ed, is open!

RT @innismir: Looking for a Server Hardening/Vulnerability Assesment Engineer in the Providence RI area. DM for details #infosecjobs

As usual, questions and comments can be left below or you can email me at


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