Interesting Information Security Bits for 10/28/2011

by kriggins on October 28, 2011

in Interesting Bits

Bet you thought I disappeared again 🙂

Nope! Just a busy week with BSidesKC and mucho work. 🙂

Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Very interesting model for running a successful CyberSecurity Agenda within a country. I am going to have to read the papers and see what we can repurpose for business.
    Cybersecurity-More than a good headline - Roger's Security Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs
    Tags: ( general)
  2. Bwhahahaha!
    Brilliant Ad by Webroot | Andrew Hay
    Tags: ( humor)
  3. Good post by Rich on an excellent idea for cloud resource provisioning.
    Securosis Blog | A Kick-Ass Cloud Database Security Automation Example
    Tags: ( cloud)
  4. This is a nice video from Mozilla that Nick found on making complex easy to remember passwords.
    Security Musings >> Blog Archive >> Stronger Passwords Tutorial Video
    Tags: ( passwords )

That's it for today. Have fun!

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