Backtrack 5 How-to Updated for R2 Release

by kriggins on March 3, 2012

in Announcement


Just a quick note to let everybody know that I have confirmed that the Backtrack 5 "Full Disk" Encryption How-to works just fine with the R2 release. However, I did update the how-to with a couple changes:

  • lvm2 is now part of the ISO in the R2 release. That means we no longer have to use apt-get to install it. However, we still need to install hashalot, so it doesn't save us a step.
  • Added a note at the end about using dd to backup your install per a very good suggestion by Richard in comment 241.

As I was updating the how-to, WordPress helpfully removed most of my formatting. Ugh. I think I have things at least readable and usable at this point. I will be going back and cleaning up more this weekend.

If you notice any problems, please let me know.


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