Backtrack 5 USB Bootable Drive with Encryption PDF Available

by kriggins on March 3, 2012

in Announcement

Hey folks.

Two updates in one day. 🙂

The PDF of the how-to is now available. You can find it here.


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Garito March 4, 2012 at 7:32 am

Nice pdf, thanks!

Is this USB bootable on mac? Will be nice if you update the file with the steps to make it work on all plataforms



kriggins March 6, 2012 at 8:28 pm

I haven’t tried it booting it on a Mac, but it should work assuming you are using an Intel based Mac. I did use a Mac to create a virtual copy that worked fine.


jay March 9, 2012 at 8:20 pm

i am not at all programming literate. is there anywhere i can buy a flash drive and installation cd with backtrack and all the other goodies i need to anonynize and encrypt. i run windows 7 on a sony vaio. any help would be greatly appreciated. i will pay for a custom job. thanks.


john March 13, 2012 at 4:58 am

BACKTRACK appears to me the perfect way to understand how I might finally draw down the Curtain on this confounded space age Window. Although I’m sure as soon as I get the shades drawn some super samurai exploits and failed patches will ultimately prove that the average citizens must be protected from Terror infested inter-webs and for our safety the Grand old Men in Washington should be entrusted to let only privileged, licensed, surfers ride a few optic here and there. I digress, I Currently USE win7 HP. ————-My question, of MANY *Where may i &What do i need to learn, to illuminate the essence of USB functions and interactions so I may confidently utilize my Thumb drive and/or xternal drive to it’s grandest potential and perhaps even beyond its envisioned capacity?* Just so i may operate safely outside this my only working box just to learn precisely how little I know about a beast that can solve mens most tedious mathmatical equations counting it all out on two fingers on one ethereal/silicone hand. This beast which curses noobs w/ endless barrages of partially formed quariess & often rather just incoherent utterances that only seem like questions. I gave up on other Hacks when my Q’s outnumber the step I’m on. e.g.Soft modding the wii. I got DVDS and CDs to play on it but when it came to changing iso’s and installing some trucha bug to load games from the USB, I quit. Now my failure there, I fear, has a lot to do with my apprehension In my newest venture, Installing BKTK5 to usb. My sheer ignorance of USB’s Drivers, Encryptions…amongst endless other nonsensicals dampens my confidence in toying with grown-up real deal OG apps and post tech-grad shit. Soooo any direction you could point me that led to some pre-k or kindergarten books on USB or maybe a pop-up book about how and why i create/use physical partitioning &a aaa encrypted bootable Backtrack 4 USB/ transferring an iso image/ making bktk5 bootable from USB/. Also some fun blocks with sides adorned with ref’s i can research all the wtfs & huhs that come attempting step by step techs that cannot or will not accomodate us fools that scoffed learning geek trades that now wish to Understand what it is this fool are actually needing to learn instead of step by stepin’ & never learning anything except the step by step i perchance follow could possibly turn my PC’s insides to liquid shit, cost $ i dont have, and leave me dumber and more vulnerable then when I started.
I look forward to your reply, untill then I’ll google some ofthis shit.


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