Follow Friday

Some of you know and some of you don't, but I am an avid Twitter user. My @InfoSecRamblins account is pretty much dedicated to information security topics and communications about this site. I also have a protected account where I drivel on about things you probably don't care about, @kriggins.

Anyhoo, in Twitter, there is an informal tradition called 'Follow Friday' where Twitter users post the Twitter accounts of people they feel should be followed. I really like this tradition, but feel that, in many cases, 140 characters isn't enough room for me to tell you why I think somebody is a worthy target for your attention. Thus is born this new series of posts where I will pick one person I admire each Friday and shine the light of the Interwebs on them whether they like it or not 🙂

Follow Friday - Bill Brenner

Twitter: @billbrenner70

Web Presense: - Senior Editor, The OCD Diaries - Author

I believe I first met Bill in person in the press room at RSA USA in 2009. I was looking for a spot to get some writing done and there he was typing away with his head phones on. We had followed each other on Twitter for a bit so were somewhat aware of each other. We had a nice chat and went about our business. Since that time I have had the pleasure of being able to talk with, tweet with, eat with, email with and sit with Bill.

Bill writes some great stuff for CSOOnline, but I personally am overwhelmed by the transparency he writes with on The OCD Diaries. He is helping a group of people, that he will likely never meet, by sharing with them the journey he has made in conquering some pretty hefty afflictions and conditions. In his own words, The OCD Diaries is about "Stories of recovery from OCD, addiction, fear and anxiety."

Follow @billbrenner70. You will be blessed with the words of a man that has come through a lot, understands what it means, and knows how to share it effectively. Oh, and you'll also get some great information security content.

I count myself lucky to be able to include Bill as a friend.