On February 28th, 2008 I joined Twitter. I did so to expand my information security network and the first thing I did was get hooked up with @SecurityTwits. What is @SecurityTwits? Well, let me tell you.

Most of the information below is historical in nature. Joining is no longer a thing. However, the embedded list is still a great resource if you are looking for security folks to follow.

If you want to skip the history and get to how to make use of SecurityTwits, go here.

Just want to see the list? Go here.


Jennifer Leggio, @mediaphyter on Twitter, was the initial wrangler of the group with help from Zach Lanier, @quine on Twitter, who hosted the list. The Security Twits list was originally started about the same time I joined Twitter. Jennifer pointed me to this blog post which describes its inception. It was established as a way for folks to find people to connect with on Twitter that were interested in information security. Basically anybody who was on the list, was in some fashion or another, involved in the information security space.

After a year or two, Jennifer was ready for somebody else to take over the job of managing the Twits and @quine took over.  He continued to manage the group until he too was ready for somebody else to be the 'man behind the curtain'. I took over at that point, managed it until 2013 when I handed it over to Jimmy Vo, @jimmyvo.  Jimmy has continued to manage it ever since.

The list has morphed over time from something kept outside of Twitter to something that is completely managed within Twitter now. I suspect it will continue to morph over time.

I would like thank Jennifer and Zach for the work they have done on all our behalf. I have made many great friends through @SecurityTwits and that would not have been possible without their dedicated service.

What is @SecurityTwits?

As mentioned above, the original purpose was to provide a way for information security folks to find other information security folks. However, we have grown a little beyond that original purpose. Now we:

  • Have meet-ups at conferences.
  • Provide an avenue for folks to disseminate information to a large group of information security interested folks. Information like:
    • Open information security related jobs.
    • A venue to pose questions to a large audience of infosec folks.
    • Conference 'call for presentation' announcements.
    • And anything else that looks interesting.


How to Join

There are two really two ways to 'join' the @SecurityTwits. Be a securitytwit and follow the securitytwits 🙂

To be a twit: if you are an information security professional or involved in the information security space and wish to be considered a @SecurityTwits, simply tweet your request to join to @SecurityTwits from the Twitter handle you wish to have added. Note: your tweet stream and/or Twitter profile needs to give evidence that you are actually involved in or interested in the information security space in some way. Based on passing that very low bar, you will be followed by @SecurityTwits and be considered one of the family. That's it. The authoritative list of twits is below in the embedded spreadsheet.

To follow the twits, simply follow @SecurityTwits, add it to a list, or visit its Twitter web page to see what is being mentioned in the stream.

How to Use @SecurityTwits

There are several ways to use @SecurityTwits. The first can be used for anything. Simply @ or DM @SecurityTwits, with the information you would like to have tweeted by @SecurityTwits, for example, a question on an infosec topic or an announcement about a conference.

In addition to that method, I have running searches for the following hashtags and retweet as I deem appropriate.

  • #infosecjobs - Use this hashtag for job postings that you want retweeted.
  • #infosecq - Use this hashtag for an infosec question you want retweeted.
  • #infoseccfp - Use this hashtag for call for presentation announcements that you want retweeted.
  • #infosecedu - Use this hashtag for free educational resources in the infosec space. Note: Only free.

Note: I have a full time day job with lots and lots of meetings. I also sleep sometimes. That means the @SecurityTwits is probably not the best avenue for time sensitive stuff. I will get to stuff as frequently as possible, but no service level agreements have or will be signed 🙂

Security Twits

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