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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. The Security Ninja is developing a checklist to help in performing secure code reviews. He is doing it out in public and incorporating reader feedback as he goes. This post is the first post, but there have been two more since then. Check it out and offer your thoughts.
    A checklist approach to security code reviews << Security Ninja
    Tags: ( appsec secure-coding code-review )
  2. Mike offers his viewpoints on the purchase of Archer by EMC. Can't argue with his conclusions.
    Securosis Blog | RSA Treks to Sherwood Forest and Buys the Archer
    Tags: ( general analysis )
  3. The 2009 Annual Report from Panda has been published. I have briefly skimmed it and it is an interesting report. Shows how much malware has ramped up in the last year.
    2009 Annual Report | PandaLabs Blog
    Tags: ( panda malware report )
  4. Data Security Discovery for Project Quant has been posted. Good stuff there and, as always, they are looking for community input.
    Securosis Blog | Project Quant: Database Security Discovery
    Tags: ( database )
  5. Cutaway has updated some of his tools and also is providing his scripts in a handy svn repository.
    Security Ripcord >> Blog Archive >> Syscombotln and Tools Update
    Tags: ( forensics scripts tools )

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