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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Time to patch Apple owners.
    21 OS X Vulnerabilities Patched By Apple - Security Watch
    Tags: ( patches apple vulnerabilities )
  2. Even Google can get taken in by ad-based malware.
    Google sponsored links caught punting malware * The Register
    Tags: ( malware google ads )
  3. Be careful on Facebook. Well, you should always be careful on Facebook, but there are a few specific reasons you should be until they get them fixed.
    Four XSS flaws hit Facebook | Zero Day |
    Tags: ( exploit vulnerability xss facebook )
  4. Andy points to an article by Rebecca Herold about the importance of vetting your 3rd party service providers information security stance. He then offers his opinion which agrees with Becky's and mine for that manner.
    3rd Party Security
    Tags: ( security vendor review )
  5. Look out folks. It appears that India is being targeted by Chinese hackers. With significant out sourcing going to India, we need to be very aware of this situation.
    The Dark Visitor >> Chinese hackers stealing Indian InfoTech data
    Tags: ( breach india )
  6. The invitations for the RSA Security Blogger's Meet-up. Better get your RSVP in soon. Only 200 will get to attend.
    Network Security Blog >> Look for your invite
    Tags: ( rsa meetup )
  7. This is just nifty.
    ITSec Non-Hypocritical Oath
    Tags: ( creed )

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