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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. A nice review of "The Art of Exploitation."
    The Ethical Hacker Network - Hacking: The Art of Exploitation 2nd Edition
    Tags: ( books reviews )
  2. Today must be the day for training resources. Jack points us to a collection of self-study classes provided by FEMA.
    Uncommon Sense Security: Free Information Security Training (and it is good!)
    Tags: ( online free training )
  3. A nice collection of deliberately insecure application for testing/teaching web application security skills.
    Deliberately Insecure Web Applications For Learning Web App Security (WebGoat, BadStore, Hacme, SecuriBench, WebMaven)
    Tags: ( webappsec career education )
  4. This is very cool. Good job Cutaway.
    Security Ripcord >> Blog Archive >> Discovering File Types Using Content Histograms
    Tags: ( tools tips )
  5. This is a really fun post. It makes a great deal of sense too.
    Andrew Hay >> Blog Archive >> What The A-Team Can Teach Us About Information Security
    Tags: ( general )
  6. This looks like site you should have in your arsenal for keeping up-to-date on what the bad guys are doing. (hat tip: @maltapa)
    Shadowserver Foundation - Main - HomePage
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