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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Microsoft is looking for some input from us on what we would like to see in the next iteration of the fine Sysinternals Tools. Help make these tools even better.
    SysInternals Survey
    Tags: ( tools sysinternals )
  2. Not specifically information security related, but very good information for those of us with hiring responsibilities.
    Uncommon Sense Security: How to not hire someone
    Tags: ( hiring )
  3. The latest Hak5 is out. Yummy things like packet injection, WPA attacks and virtualization are the topics.
    Hak5 - Technolust since 2005 >> Episode 517 - Packet Injection, WPA Attacks, Virtualization
    Tags: ( video )
  4. Oh boy. This looks very interesting. Time to play in the lab.
    Http over SMTP Proxy << SecTech
    Tags: ( tools pentest )
  5. You see me point at a lot of stuff that Christofer writes. Why? Because he often has things to say that should be heard/read. Therefore, when he says go look at something, I do. You should too! This presentation is awesome.
    Rational Survivability >> Mark Masterson's Brilliant Cloud Security Presentation
    Tags: ( cloud )
  6. Rob has written a nice walk-through on using the PassiveX feature of Metasploit. Obviously, only to be used for good, not evil.
    PassiveX fun with Metasploit |
    Tags: ( metasploit pentest tutorial )
  7. Here is an interesting post, even if you are not super versed in Bayesian analysis.
    Voltage Superconductor : A Bayesian approach to understanding tokenization
    Tags: ( bayes )

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