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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Shrdlu points out that knowledge bias is a problem we need to be aware. I'll leave it to Shrdlu to explain what knowledge bias (my term) is 🙂
    "Security is dead" must DIE.
    Tags: ( bias )
  2. Jack offers some good advice on cutting through the flack being fed to us when we are trying to get to the bottom of an issue.
    Uncommon Sense Security: It isn't magic
    Tags: ( pci general )
  3. If you haven't figured out the best and easiest ways to lose data, Nick is here to help you out. Check out his list of 21 ways to lose data.
    Some of the Best Ways to Lose Your System Data
    Tags: ( humor )
  4. Time to patch up your Oracle Linux installations.
    Weekend Patching: Oracle Linux Security Updates
    Tags: ( oracle linux vulnerability patches )

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