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  1. Dre is reading a lot of the same people as I am when it comes to security programs. This post has some good stuff in it along with some great additional reading for us.
    What makes a solid security program? | tssci security
    Tags: ( security-program )
  2. Another day, another case of people handing over credentials to anybody who asks.
    Another Twitter Scam: Twitviewer --
    Tags: ( twitter )
  3. Looks like there is a nasty BIND vulnerability being actively exploited. Time to update.
    BIND 9 Issue
    Tags: ( bind dns )
  4. Very nice. I like the way he approached this.
    Tactical Web Application Security: Lessons Learned From Casino Surveillance
    Tags: ( general )
  5. Wim is getting into FAIR. Very cool stuff.
    all is FAIR in love and war. << The Security Kitchen
    Tags: ( fair )
  6. An interesting case of what you read on the internet isn't always true 🙂
    Fake Retweets Lead To Spam - SpywareGuide Greynets Blog
    Tags: ( twitter )
  7. Sometimes high availability doesn't make your life easier. Check out Shrdlu's post and think about your situation a little.
    When 'high availability' isn't good enough.
    Tags: ( general )
  8. If you are an information security professional or want to be, I strongly recommend you carve out the time to attend Mike and Lee's talk at Defcon. They know what they are talking about and you should too!
    Effective Information Security Career Planning at DefCon | Information Security Leaders
    Tags: ( career )
  9. No big surprise here for me.
    Study says SSL-certficate warnings are as good as useless - News - The H Security: News and features
    Tags: ( ssl )

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