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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. There is some truth in this post. A corollary is the mommy/daddy principle. I'll ask mommy and if I don't get the answer I want I'll ask daddy.
    Network Security Blog >> I'll do anything! Absolutely anything!
    Tags: ( general )
  2. The CFP for Metricon is open.
    Mini Metricon 4.5 Call For Participation << The New School of Information Security
    Tags: ( conferences cfp metricon )
  3. This is a must see.
    YouTube - Marcus J. Ranum on Cloud Computing Security
    Tags: ( cloud humor )
  4. Here is the mother lode of cheat sheets. Focused on developers, but there are a few that are security related.
    Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference Card Directory | - Cheat Sheets for Developers.
    Tags: ( cheatsheet )
  5. This is the author's page regarding the SSL/TLS vulnerability just announced. It was a bit more reader friendly and promises to be so again, but the information is still there.
    Tags: ( tls ssl vulnerability )

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