Commenting vs Being Nasty

by kriggins on March 29, 2010

in Announcement, General

I am a big fan of comments on this blog. I really enjoy interacting with those who visit.

I am not a big fan of people who feel it is necessary to leave extremely nasty and vile remarks. Luckily, that hasn't been too much of a problem until today.

Today, somebody left a comment on the FBI Citizens' Academy post that was not aimed at having conversation about the topic.  The author's only intent was to call me names and say how bad the FBI is.

If the author was interested is discussing why he thought I should temper my enthusiasm, I would have left it there and responded. I actually started out editing the comment to remove the insults and innuendos I don't want my nieces and nephews to see 🙂 and then typed a reply.

Then I stopped.

The author didn't leave a legitimate email address and used an anonymous proxy to hide his IP address. If he didn't want to be contacted about his views, I sure wasn't going to waste my time addressing them.

Anyway, in light of this experience, I thought it time to make it clear what my policy is regarding comments on this blog. So here it is and it's really simple.

Comments Allowed

  • Comments that espouse my unfathomable wisdom 😉
  • Comments that add to the discussion.
  • Comments that disagree with me - Please. Go for it. I am happy to have a spirited debate.

Comments Disallowed

  • Anything I deem to be in poor taste or offensive. Yup. Anything, and I pick.

That's it in a nutshell. Please feel free to weigh in, just keep it civil 🙂