In today's bits post we see information on card readers, penentration testing tools, crypto challenges, NSAIG chapter meetings, reversing Blackberry apps, passwords, and a happy blog birthday. Read on for the details.

  1. Um, now you don't need to make you own card skimmer.
    Pocket Credit Card Reader Takes Transactions on the Go - Network World
    Tags: ( scanner creditcard )
  2. Set your reminders and mark it on you calendars. January 13th at 2:00 p.m. EST. Details inside.
    Best Of Webcast Series - Part I - Best Of Network Penetration Testing Tools
    Tags: ( tools pentest webcast pauldotcom )
  3. The answers and winners to the latest crypto challenge from the Ethical Hacker site are posted. Bonus - My first name is involved 😉
    The Ethical Hacker Network - Scooby Doo and the Crypto Caper - Answers and Winners
    Tags: ( challenge crypto answer )
  4. For those in Altanta or within a reasonable driving distance, the next meeting of NAISG is scheduled for the 14th of January. Check the post for details.
    Andy, ITGuy: Atlanta NAISG Meeting #2
    Tags: ( naisg atlanta meeting )
  5. Most of this is over my head :), but those of you into reversing might find it of interest.
    Don't Stuff Beans Up Your Nose! >> Disassembling Version 6 BlackBerry apps
    Tags: ( blackberry java reversing )
  6. Jeff has a nice post up which talks about a way to deal with brute-force dictionary passwords attacks.
    Coding Horror: Dictionary Attacks 101
    Tags: ( password twitter brute-force )
  7. Six years is a good run. Happy B-Day TaoSecurity. Keep it up.
    TaoSecurity: Happy 6th Birthday TaoSecurity Blog
    Tags: ( general )

That's it for today. Have fun!

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