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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Some interesting statistics from a survey performed at Infosecurity Europe.
    Survey: 37% of employees would become insiders given the right incentive | Zero Day |
    Tags: ( insider )
  2. Rebecca received and interesting questions about PII and your employer's access to it after you part ways. Her answer is worth reading.
    Employee Rights to PII When You Leave Your Employer or Lose Your Job - Realtime IT Compliance
    Tags: ( pii )
  3. The Princess of Antiquity is back and picking up her Non-technical series on Cryptography. I have pointed to previous posts before. Good stuff.
    Symmetric Key Cryptography (Non-Technical) << Princess of Antiquity
    Tags: ( cryptography )
  4. Like the title says, a new NIST draft guide has been released. These are always worth reading.
    NIST Guide to Enterprise Password Management
    Tags: ( nist passwords )

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