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Good afternoon everybody! I hope your day is going well.

Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Some good tips and resources for gathering intelligence.
    Enterprise Open Source Intelligence Gathering - Part 1 Social Networks --
    Tags: ( gathering )
  2. I always enjoy pointing to posts that contain resources for education and career advancement. Here is another one. - Blog - Getting your n00b fill of security
    Tags: ( career learning education )
  3. As always, tools can be used for good or for evil.
    Google Wave as a Tool for Hacking | Social Hacking
    Tags: ( )
  4. This is a fun video. Evolution of Security.
    A Video For You - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab
    Tags: ( general )
  5. Want to avoid complete failure from a logging perspective? Check out Anton's list of logging failures.
    Anton Chuvakin Blog - "Security Warrior": Top Log FAIL!
    Tags: ( logging )
  6. An incident response plan isn't any good if it isn't workable. Check out Martin's thoughts on the issue.
    Have a workable plan, or else... : The Security Catalyst
    Tags: ( incident-response )

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