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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. This is interesting. It will be worth keeping an eye on what happens in the future as the council goes forward.
    Hacker named to Homeland Security Advisory Council | Security - CNET News
    Tags: ( government )
  2. Looks like the spammers are up to a new trick that appears to be working at the moment.
    RTF File Spam Makes Its Way Through Filters - Security Watch
    Tags: ( spam )
  3. Nifty. Another tool to freely scan files for malware.
    Paretologic Released a New Free Online Malware Scan
    Tags: ( malware scanning )
  4. Here is an interesting way to keep some or all robots from crawling your website.
    Security - The Global Perspective: How to block robots.. before they hit robots.txt - ala: mod_security
    Tags: ( robots )
  5. Do you want to know more about DEP (Data Execution Prevention)? Check this out.
    Security Research & Defense : Understanding DEP as a mitigation technology part 1
    Tags: ( dep )
  6. A new packet challenge is up on Caesar's site.
    Caesar's Challenge << I Smell Packets
    Tags: ( challenge networking. )
  7. The Black Hat 2009 schedule is available now.
    Black Hat USA 2009 Schedule
    Tags: ( blackhat 2009 )

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