Well the start of a new weeks is here, along with a batch of interesting things to take a look at. Only blogs again this time.

360 Security, along with many other folks, points out that the Apple DNS Patch Fails To Randomize.

Kurt Dobbins over at Arbor Networks has an interesting post up about the Myths and Realities of the Net Neutrality Debate. Good stuff in there.

Bruce Schneier brings to our attention that the U.S. government has published its policy regarding Seizing Laptops at Borders. Basically, we take when we want to and you don't have any say in the matter.

Nifty post up at Neohapsis talking about exploiting hardware vulnerabilities in the Intel CPU. Neat stuff. Kris Kaspersky's talk "Remote Code Execution Through Intel CPU Bugs" to be given at Hack in the Box was the impetus.

Wesley has created his first Metasploit module. It is a nifty tool. You should go take a look if you are interested in pen testing.

CG points to a paper and demo for DHCP script injection. Lots of fun to be had there.

Ha.ckers.org has a nice little bookmarklet that make is easy to use MSN IP Search to find domains on the same IP address as the web page you are reading.

Chris Hayes
continues his discussion of risk in response to Shrdlu's comments on a previous post. Good stuff.

Finally, Gary Warner points us to another story about an insider selling PII.

I will be leaving for Vegas on Thursday so there will be light posting here until next week.


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