Good afternoon everybody! I hope your day is going well. Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Rob has a really nice post up for those who are participating in cyber defense competitions as the defenders. Having just participated on the red team (hackers) this weekend for such a competition, I can say that some of the teams would have benefited greatly from this post 🙂
    Winning Hacker Competitions as Defenders - Room362.com
    Tags: ( cdc )
  2. Hoff has some really good points in this post. Rational Survivability: What People REALLY Mean When They Say "THE Cloud" Is More Secure...
    Tags: ( cloud saas )
  3. Synjunkie gives us the 10 steps he takes to secure his consumer grade wireless routes. It's a good list.
    Syn: 10 Steps to Securing a Wireless Router
    Tags: ( wireless tips )
  4. A nice little guide to finding "bad stuff" in a windows image.
    Windows Incident Response: Looking for "Bad Stuff", part I
    Tags: ( forensics )
  5. A nice article on change management and its importance.
    Black Fist Security: Change Management and some Misc stuff
    Tags: ( change-management )
  6. This should be a very interesting webcast.
    The Ethical Hacker Network - Webcast: Modern Social Engineering - A Vital Component of Pen Testing
    Tags: ( webcast social-engineering )
  7. From the post: "We just released a new version of dnsmap. dnsmap is a subdomain bruteforcer for stealth enumeration."
    New Version of dnsmap out! | GNUCITIZEN
    Tags: ( tools dnsmap )

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