Firefox, SQLite and DOM, oh my…

by kriggins on June 25, 2008

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I want to preface the following withLions, Tigers and Bears, oh my.

  1. I am probably late to the party and everybody already know all about this and
  2. There probably isn't any issue here.  Just got me to thinking.

I was reading the Firefox's Super Cookies post on the CERIAS Blog and it made me go hmmm. You should go read Pascal's post first because it is an interesting bit o' info, but here are the bits that are germane to my thoughts.


DOM storage allows web sites to store all kinds of information in a persistent manner on your computer, much like cookies but with a greater capacity and efficiency.


To find out what information web sites store on your computer using DOM storage (if any)


You should find a file named “webappsstore.sqlite”. To view the contents in human readable form, install sqlite3

So, this makes me think there is a sql interface somewhere in Firefox.  In light of all the SQL injections issues recently, I just have to wonder what kind of fun might exist here.


Photo by annarchy1