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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Via @alexhutton, this article is very interesting. Those who are interested in measuring and communicating risk should read it.
    2845 ways to spin the Risk | Understanding Uncertainty
    Tags: ( risk management )
  2. Rob (@mubix) posted a nifty how-to the other day and was taken to task for it. He responds publicly. His response and the comments are worthy of a read.
    The Ethics of Teaching Hacking |
    Tags: ( ethics )
  3. Yup, time to make sure your patching is working on your Windows 7 Beta installs.
    Windows 7 beta gets its first security update - Ars Technica
    Tags: ( infsec microsoft patches windows-7 )
  4. This is quite cool. Requires authenticated scans, but does give the opportunity to see who is using USB drives on your systems.
    Tenable Network Security: USB Device History Auditing with Nessus
    Tags: ( nessus )
  5. Here's a script to help you lock down your IIS 6 installations. Careful though. It's brand new and has not been tested extensively.
    Script to lock down IIS paths - Nazim's IIS Security Blog : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
    Tags: ( iis scripts securing )
  6. Part 2 is up on not being nice to your Citrix installation 🙂
    Syn: Abusing Citrix - Part 2
    Tags: ( hacking citrix )
  7. In my opinion, yes, the BBC broke the law.
    Did BBC break the law by using a botnet to send spam? | Graham Cluley's blog
    Tags: ( botnet )

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