Boy, you can tell it's a Monday. We have a big batch of interesting bits to take a peak at today.

Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. This is a long post, but a great recap of the 2009 CSAW-CTF competition. Good stuff in there. You can even try some of the challenges yourself.
    Matasano Security LLC - Chargen - Exercises for a burgeoning Army of Ninjas
    Tags: ( challenge )
  2. I don't usual point to recap posts, but Rich has a very good thought in the introduction to last week's Friday summary. Something I am dealing with myself.
    Securosis Blog | Friday Summary: January 22, 2010
    Tags: ( general )
  3. It isn't only credit card, SSNs and bank account details that are being traded by the fraudsters anymore.
    Zscaler Research: Watch out Bill Gates...
    Tags: ( social-media fraudsters )
  4. If you use any of these passwords anywhere, I strongly suggest you go change it right now.
    Top 20 website passwords you shouldn't be using | Graham Cluley's blog
    Tags: ( passwords )
  5. The latest pass at the old 'is certification worth a pickle?' question. Actually, a good article with some good advice. The comments are of value too.
    Securosis Blog | The Certification Myth
    Tags: ( certification )
  6. Dave peels back a couple layers of the security mind and peeks at what's inside.
    ShackF00 >> A Glimpse Into the Security Mindset
    Tags: ( security mindset )
  7. Ax0n digs into a new lock. Nifty stuff.
    HiR Information Report: Review: Master 1500iD "Speed Dial" lock
    Tags: ( locks )
  8. Hoff offers some sage advice on compliance and cloud computing.
    Cloud: Security Doesn't Matter (Or, In Cloud, Nobody Can Hear You Scream) | Rational Survivability
    Tags: ( cloud compliance )
  9. Brian has a neat little exploration of a browser exploit kit.
    A Peek Inside the 'Eleonore' Browser Exploit Kit -- Krebs on Security
    Tags: ( exploit browser )
  10. This time we learn a little more about Wim, a very good on-line friend of mine. We haven't met in person yet, but I know that will happen some day.
    Andrew Hay >> Blog Archive >> Information Security D-List Interview: Wim Remes
    Tags: ( interview d-list )
  11. Oops. Looks like Google forgot their 'Do no evil' motto again.
    Sunbelt Blog: Google Toolbar tracks searches after it's disabled.
    Tags: ( google-toolbar data-leakage )

That's it for today. Have fun!

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