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  1. Alan and some others are starting a new company that looks to offer an interesting service. Alan is one of my on-line friends that I have actually met in person. He is good guy and I wish him and his partners the best of luck in their new endeavor.
    The Ashimmy Blog: I give you The CISO Group
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  2. This is some sneaky business here.
    Google Faces The Slickest Click Fraud Yet -
    Tags: ( click-fraud )
  3. This is good news. HTTPS is finally the default for all Gmail access. Note: you may experience some issues with offline access. The post has info on how to correct the issue.
    Official Gmail Blog: Default https access for Gmail
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  4. You've probably already heard about Google getting hacked and their response, but if you haven't, read this article.
    Google Hacked, Says it Will Stop Censoring Chinese Search Results -- Krebs on Security
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  5. For those who don't see the big deal about Facebook from a security perspective (hopefully few), this read might change your mind. For those who are already concerned, show this to your management.
    Hacking a Corporate Network with Facebook : Information Security Resources
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  6. Job Hunting? Try These! Good Hunting! : Liquidmatrix Security Digest
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  7. An interesting use of OSSEC as a rudimentary DLP solution.
    Immutable Security >> Detecting Sensitive Info with OSSEC
    Tags: ( ossec dlp )
  8. I really like this article by Gunnar. His point is valid.
    1 Raindrop: Beyond the opening: a priori is a problem
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