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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Even something as simple as a route you use for your daily run can be a data leakage issue.
    Running into information << Techdulla
    Tags: ( data-leakage social-networking )
  2. If you have a wireless infrastructure based on Cisco APs, you will want to read this one.
    SkyJacking vulnerability discovered on Cisco APs - Security
    Tags: ( wireless cisco )
  3. Last year, for one of my Toastmasters speeches, I gave a quick 7 minute speech about data loss. For that talk, I used the on-line data loss db to grab a few numbers for a period of a week. During that time there were 8 or 9 incidents and several hundred thousand records lost. The majority of those incidents were caused not by malicious behavior, but by mistakes. That's what this article talks about too.
    IDC Report: Most Insider Leaks Happen By Accident - data leak prevention/Security - DarkReading
    Tags: ( data-leakage )
  4. Amazon has announced Virtual Private Clouds and the Hoff has some thoughts to share on the issue.
    Calling All Private Cloud Haters: Amazon Just Peed On Your Fire Hydrant... | Rational Survivability
    Tags: ( cloud private-cloud )
  5. Looks like a new open source project is going to be poking at GSM security.
    GSM to feel the heat from open source project - News - The H Security: News and features
    Tags: ( gsm mobile )
  6. Here are a couple of tips on implementing SharePoint with effective access control.
    Poor Microsoft SharePoint security permissions policies can derail deployments
    Tags: ( sharepoint )
  7. Rob Whiteley is looking for interesting stories about security shifts. Check out the article for what he is after.
    The Forrester Blog For Security & Risk Professionals
    Tags: ( general )

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