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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Microsoft has had a threat modeling guide and some tooling for software development for a bit now. Today a guide was released for infrastructure. This could be very nice. I will be checking it out.
    HolisticInfoSec.org: IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling Guide now available
    Tags: ( threat-modeling )
  2. Andrew sat down and did something that each of us should be doing on a regular basis. He wrote a development plan. He didn't call it that, but that is what he did. Remember folks, your career is your responsibility, not your employers.
    Andrew Hay >> Blog Archive >> Training That I Would Like...
    Tags: ( career )
  3. Keep you eyes on this one. Could be some interesting stuff coming next month in regards to third-party twitter services.
    Coming in July: Month of Twitter Bugs | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
    Tags: ( twitter )
  4. Some interesting data collected on infosec professionals and why they move about. The full report is linked to in the post.
    Why do infosec consultants move jobs? | The Infosec Cynic
    Tags: ( career )
  5. OSSEC is a neat tool. If you want to get the low down, read Wim's post.
    OSSEC in a nutshell << The Security Kitchen
    Tags: ( hids ossec )
  6. You've probably seen plenty of warnings about url shorteners and how they present a security problem. Here is some solid proof that you should be careful with them. I'm not saying don't use them, I use them myself. Just be careful when clicking on the that url.
    Cligs short url service hacked, millions redirected | Graham Cluley's blog
    Tags: ( url-shorteners hacked )
  7. Craig has a great post up that I need to read a couple more times. Worth taking a look at. While you are at it, why not get engaged in the conversation.
    Stop the Madness! Cloud Onboarding Audits - An Open Question... | Cloud Security
    Tags: ( cloud )

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