I was looking at my checking account on-line a few days ago and saw something that sparked this blog post.Fingerprint

My bank has a very handy service where they scan the checks we write (yes, checks are still used in some cases :)) and you can view them online for a limited time. Very cool. Nothing wrong with that, right?

I didn't think so until recently.

We wrote a check to an individual recently and they cashed it at their bank. Somewhere along the line a fingerprint was put on the check, a very well done, clean, and clear fingerprint. I'm assuming that the fingerprint belongs to the individual who the check was written to, but I have not verified that.

First, why is the bank taking a finger print? Seems a bit extreme to me.

Second, why are they sticking it on a check that they know is going to be out of their control at some point?

This seems like a recipe for disaster to me. What do you think?


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