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In today's Bits post we take a look browser bugs, Blackberry Server bugs, fun with hardware hacking, defining effectiveness, the Source Boston schedule, Incident Response Management, and Downadup.

  1. Oh look, it's a browser bug. How novel. (yes, that was sarcasm and this appears to be pretty nasty)
    Browser bug could allow phishing without e-mail - Network World
    Tags: ( vulnerability browser javascript phishing )
  2. Time to patch your Blackberry Servers.
    RIM issues security patches for BlackBerry | Security - CNET News
    Tags: ( pdf vulnerability blackberry patches rim )
  3. Didier's been playing with some hardware. Nifty stuff.
    A Hardware Tip for Fuzzing Embedded Devices << Didier Stevens
    Tags: ( hardware hacking embedded devices phidgets )
  4. Read this post. Also read the comments. Some good device and a very workable definition of effectiveness and where efficiency and optimization come into play.
    Verizon Business Security Blog >> Blog Archive >> What is an "effective" Control?
    Tags: ( control effectiveness )
  5. The Source Boston 2009 sessions have all been solidified and the schedule is up and ready for you perusal. Have fun. I so wish I was going to be there.
    Source Boston - Sessions
    Tags: ( source conferences )
  6. A nice article about Incident Response Management from Kees.
    Incident Response Management - Kees Leune Information Security Blog
    Tags: ( management incident response )
  7. Wow. Take look at what F-Secure is doing and what they have found out. This botnet appears to be huge.
    How Big is Downadup? Very Big. - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab
    Tags: ( )

That's it for today. Have fun!

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