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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Infocon to yellow for 24 hours.
    * Infocon raised to yellow for Excel Web Components ActiveX vulnerability
    Tags: ( infocon )
  2. I knew it was not going to end well when I first heard that ATMs were going to be armed with pepper spray.
    Pepper Spray-Armed ATM Misfires, Shoots Workers | Threat Level |
    Tags: ( general )
  3. Didier gives us a nifty little tip on hiding the fact that our laptop is encrypted.
    Quickpost: TrueCrypt's Boot Loader Screen Options << Didier Stevens
    Tags: ( encryption truecrypt )
  4. The solution and winners for the first Panda Labs challenge are up.
    1st Panda Challenge solution & winners - PandaLabs
    Tags: ( challenge answer )
  5. This is cool. One of the teams that participated in the Defcon 17 CTF qualifiers made a comic of how they answered one of the challenges. (Hat tip: @mubix)
    Tags: ( ctf defcon )
  6. Rafal talks about a comment spam toolkit. The comments are very interesting too.
    Digital Soapbox - Preaching Security to the Digital Masses: Devastated by a Link-Spam Tool?
    Tags: ( spam )

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