information security bits

Hi folks. Good afternoon. Here are a few things to look at today.

There is a post on the nCircle blog about some interesting issues regarding some IPv6 issues we need to be aware of.

Sam Ryder has an interesting post up on alert blogic about SaaS and its impact on the channel.

The May issue of "IT Compliance in Realtime" is available from Rebecca. Go here for a teaser 🙂

Frank Cassano has a post up at bloginfosec about building out a framework to structure your information security program around. I have only skimmed it so far, but looks interesting.

As other have noted, there does not appear to be a fee (that's a link to a pdf) any longer for real-time vulnerability updates for Nessus any longer for home and non-commercial users.

Have great rest of your day!



Hi folks. Here are some things to take a look at.

Dave Whiteleggg has written a tutorial for Appscan.

Jeremiah points out three good reads on web application security.

Jeff Jones points us to a missive penned by Dr. Crispin Cowan about User Access Control and whether it is a convenience feature or a security feature. I won't spoil to suprise. Go give it a gander.

Techdulla has post up about a new hire and there are some tidbits in there that are very good.

Jack has a list of some good Information Security based podcasts that you should check out.

There ya go. Have a great one.