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Well, I didn't check my feeds this weekend, so we have quite the list of interesting bits to check out today. Happy reading.

Q1 Labs' Andrew Hay Named Industry Thought Leader for Log Management by the SANS Technology Institute

» Product Maturation and your business

Vuze, TCP RSTs, and Educated Guesswork · Security to the Core | Arbor Networks Security

IT Security: The view from here: A position of power

Don't even bother investing in Network Admission Control | Community

WhiteHat Luncheon | Infosec Events

React Faster, And Better, With The A B Cs |

StillSecure, After All These Years: Stiennon says NAC is dead - I must be in heaven!

Security4all: What is Black PR? A tour of the black arts.

» "Illegal" is still illegal

IT Security: The view from here: Encryption does what?

Credit card thieves target small merchants, flawed POS systems, study finds

Robert Penz Blog » Insecurity of Virtual Appliances and some thoughts on 7-zip compression

Rational Survivability: Welcome To the Information Survivability/Sustainability/Centricity Circus...

Rational Survivability: Asset Focused, Not Auditor Focused

1 Raindrop: GRC - To Be or To Do

Rational Survivability: The Five Laws Of Virtualization - Not Immutable Any More?

JJ's Security Uncorked - Security Uncorked - 802.1X Terminology- Port 'Closed'

JJ's Security Uncorked - Security Uncorked - Layered Security: Solving the Cube

Security4all: Website Security Strategies that work

JJ's Security Uncorked - Security Uncorked - Grasping Security thru Visualization

Rory.Blog: Are we Secure yet? (Part 1)

Live Mesh - Good or Bad Idea? | GNUCITIZEN

Digital Soapbox - Security, Risk & Data Protection Blog: Airport Security: Should This Worry Me?

Airport evacuated!! Found handgrenade in luggage! | Roer.Com Information Security

Reconciliation Of You

Simple Pharming

Proposed SEC Rules Broaden Scope of InfoSec Compliance Responsibilities | - web application security: Null byte attacks are alive and well

Computerworld - Do you have what it takes to be a converged CSO?

RSA president shares risk management secrets - News - SC Magazine Australia

Have a great day!