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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. A very well put together post. Check out the difference between Defensive Avoidance and Vigilance to Detail.
    Defensive Avoidance vs Vigilance to Detail << wirewatcher
    Tags: ( general )
  2. Hak5 is 4 years old. If you are not aware of this web video series, you should check it out.
    Hak5 - Technolust since 2005 >> Happy 4th Birthday Hak5
    Tags: ( general )
  3. Want to help out a student? Check out this post and take the survey.
    Help a Grad Student: Cloud Security Survey (The Falcon's View)
    Tags: ( survey )
  4. Something you should be aware of. The person carrying that iPod touch or iPhone into your environment may not be listening to music or talking to their buddy.
    Weaponizing Apple's iPod Touch - DarkReading
    Tags: ( ipod-touch pentest )
  5. Some thoughts on DirectAccess.
    Guest blog: Windows 7 Security - Microsoft DirectAccess | Graham Cluley's blog
    Tags: ( windows-7 direct-access )
  6. Part 2 of Chris's interview with Richard Levick is up.
    Reputation Risk Q&A - Richard Levick (2 of 2) << Risktical Ramblings
    Tags: ( reputation )
  7. A nice article by Andy on the topic of choice.
    My Risk, My Choice >> Andy ITGuy
    Tags: ( risk )
  8. An interesting tool has entered beta state.
    The Professional Security Testers Warehouse for the CEH GPEN QISP Q/ISP OPST CPTS - A Beta Version of NPing has been released
    Tags: ( tools )
  9. This page on the World Health Organization's website provides information you can use to track H1N1. We will be moving into flu season in North America soon, so keeping an eye on this is warranted.
    WHO | Disease Outbreak News
    Tags: ( h1n1 )

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