Hello one and all. When I first posted about doing these Interesting Press Release posts, I said I would be posting them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well, it turns out we probably don't need two posts per week so these will be coming out on Thursdays from now on.

Panda Security has released their 2nd International  Barometer of Security in SMBs. Some interesting tidbits in there. The press release is below and a direct link to the pdf is here.
Forty-Six Percent of SMBs Have Been Infected by Internet Threats, According to Latest Panda Security Survey

IBM X-Force is a research group in IBM and provides security content for IBM customers and makes most of it, if not all of it, available to the world. They have released their 2010 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report (registration required) which shows that vulnerabilities are at an all time high.
IBM X-Force Report Reveals Global Security Threats Have Reached Record Levels

That's it for this week.



This is in the inaugural Interesting Press Releases post. I will be playing with format and content as we go along so stay tuned in.

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center Demonstrates Versatile Advanced Monitoring System (VAMS) for Perimeter Security
This is a physical security device that is intended to take the place of fences. Looks pretty cool.

National High School Cyber Defense Competition Registering Teams for Fall
This looks like a great opportunity for high schools to get kids involved in computer security.

Mitek Systems Granted Patent for Mobile Deposit® Application
The patent covers depositing checks with just about any camera enabled smartphone.

Verizon's On-Demand Cloud Computing Solution First to Achieve PCI Compliance

This is very interesting. I suspect we start seeing more and more solutions being approved.

That's it of today. Have a great day!



One of the mainstays of this blog is the Interesting Information Security Bits posts that come out three times per week. Those posts are taken from the many blogs I read and from my twitter stream. To date, I have largely not addressed the many press releases I get sent and read. That is about to change.

I am adding a new feature to the blog called Interesting Press Releases. These posts will come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This of course assumes there is something I consider interesting to post. As with the IISB, interesting is defined by me and may or may not be what you consider interesting. To start, there will probably not be a great deal of commentary from me, but who knows, that could change too.

I plan to try this for a bit and then see if you guys like it or not.

As always, I am open to feedback either in the comments below or via email to kriggins@infosecramblings.com.