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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Mike Murray and Lee Kushner have a podcast series that each of us should be listening to.
    When Your Security Career Gets Hacked - Dark Dominion Blog - Dark Reading
    Tags: ( career )
  2. Both amusing and helpful.
    Job Interview: How To Nail An Interview (20 Tips)
    Tags: ( career interviewing )
  3. Go ahead write those passwords down. Just not all of it. I like this idea as long as we are careful in picking the "pin" part, i.e. don't use your birthday 🙂
    Put Your Passwords on a Post-it - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab
    Tags: ( passwords )
  4. The annual FBI cryptography challenge is up. Go crack em' up.
    FBI Annouces Annual Can-You-Crack-the-Code Challenge
    Tags: ( cryptography challenge )
  5. Christofer is talking about something he touched on at RSA and before, who manages the network in the virtually cloudy world, the server admins or the network admins or both?
    Rational Survivability >> Quick Bit: Virtual & Cloud Networking - Where It ISN'T Going...
    Tags: ( virtualization networking )
  6. Another PDF parsing vulnerability in BES. I believe a patch is now available.
    How to control a Blackberry Enterprise Server with just a PDF | Graham Cluley's blog
    Tags: ( pdf rim blackberry vulnerability )
  7. McAfee did a study to determine what the riskiest search terms are. This report is the result of that study. Note: Link goes to PDF (via: eWeek)
    The Web's Most Dangerous Search Terms
    Tags: ( malware search )
  8. This is a nice article on using ITIL to improve and strengthen your information security program.
    How ITIL Can Improve Information Security
    Tags: ( itil )
  9. An interesting exploration of a insider attack on California Water Service Company that occurred recently.
    Ascension Blog >> He did WHAT?!?!
    Tags: ( breach )
  10. L0phtcrack is back and raring to go.
    L0phtcrack 6 Site Is Live : Liquidmatrix Security Digest
    Tags: ( passwords tools l0phtcrack )

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