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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Time to patch Firefox.
    Firefox 3.0.6 targets security issues | Security - CNET News
    Tags: ( vulnerability firefox patch )
  2. You might want to be careful what sites you go to when you are logged into the twitter web interface. Also remember, that if you clicked on 'remember me', you are logged in even if you don't have it open in tab.
    Twitter Clickjacking Hack Released - DarkReading
    Tags: ( vulnerability clickjacking twitter )
  3. An interesting article with good points regarding the ability to disable UAC in Windows 7 and the fact that somebody has made a user-space program that does it automatically. Worth a gander.
    Both Sides on the Win7 UAC Problem
    Tags: ( windows-7 uac )
  4. If you're looking for a infosec job, the U.K. may be a good place to check. No idea on immigration and such, but couldn't hurt to take a peak.
    Many computer security jobs are still available in UK >> Computer internet security
    Tags: ( jobs )
  5. The CFP of Black Hat is open. Get your pencils ready and your ideas flowing.
    Black Hat : Black Hat USA 2009 Call For Papers
    Tags: ( blackhat conferences cfp )
  6. Black Fisk warns us to be careful of the number we see in reports on the cost of breached data. He doesn't say dismiss them out of hand, but we are better off if we can come up with some figures specific to our own organizations.
    Black Fist Security: Risk analysis: Cost of breaches and rolling your own numbers
    Tags: ( risk management )
  7. A nice post by Kees. Don't forget that you need to plan on more than one level and to do so you need to keep informed.
    On Situational Awareness - Kees Leune Information Security Blog
    Tags: ( general )

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