Hello there! Just wanted to let you know that this Bits post is the last one you will likely see this year. I am taking some time off from the day gig and decided I am also going to do the same here. You might see a post or two if something strikes my fancy, but the Bits posts will be on hiatus.

We'llĀ  be picking back up on January 4th.

Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Another great FUDSec article.
    FUD and Other Sales Errors -
    Tags: ( fud )
  2. Want to build a custom wordlist based on a website for password cracking? Look no further. Here is nice how-to on getting that setup.
    Will Hack For SUSHI >> Wordlist Generation - CeWL on Ubuntu
    Tags: ( wordlist password )
  3. George has put together a nice how-to on setting up a logging virtual machine using syslog-ng, splunk and vmware. Very good stuff.
    Building a logging VM - syslog-ng and Splunk | George Starcher
    Tags: ( loging splunk )
  4. Some good information on NTLM reflection.
    Reflecting on NTLM Reflection
    Tags: ( ntlm reflection )
  5. Here is a fun fictional story about a 'lost' laptop.
    The Confessions of a Chief Executive and his lost laptop | Infosec Cynic
    Tags: ( story laptop encryption )
  6. I always get a kick of walk-through/how-we-did-it stories. This is the beginning of a series about a physical pen test.
    Red Team Physical Security Penetration Test
    Tags: ( pentest )
  7. This is absolutely full of awesome sauce. Go check it out.
    'Twas the night before D-DoS << wirewatcher
    Tags: ( poem )
  8. If you are not familiar with SteadyState and are responsible or kiosks, labs, etc., you should check out this page.
    Maintain Shared Computers with the Free Windows SteadyState Tool
    Tags: ( kiosk )

That's it for today. Have fun!

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