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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. You have (hopefully) an information security policy. You also have an (shame on you if you don't) acceptable use policy. How about a social media policy? Hat tip @agent0x0 who retweeted @koskim
    Should Your Company Have a Social Media Policy?
    Tags: ( policy social-media )
  2. Some nice tips on what to do and what not to do when you land that interview in today's difficult markets.
    10 Dos and Don'ts for Security Job Interviews - CSO Online - Security and Risk
    Tags: ( career interviewing )
  3. This is pretty nifty and a great way to maintain backwards compatibility with applications that require Windows XP to run when you move to Windows 7.
    Windows 7's XP Mode and Security
    Tags: ( windows-7 xp-mode )
  4. I don't own a Mac, so I have not read this article in depth. However, it certainly can't hurt to check it out and send it to those who do have Macs that might benefit from the information within.
    15 easy fixes for Mac security risks
    Tags: ( macosx securing )
  5. ENISA is conducting a security risk assessment of cloud computing. They are interested in your input. Go forth and opine on their survey.
    ENISA Cloud Risk Assessment: What Are Your Concerns about Cloud Computing? | Cloud Security
    Tags: ( cloud assessment enisa )
  6. Time to patch Firefox if you haven't already. For those running the beta, beta 4 is out also.
    Mozilla Updates Firefox, Now At Version 3.0.10
    Tags: ( vulnerability firefox patches )
  7. I attended part 1 and it was quite good. Check it out.
    The Ethical Hacker Network - Webcast: Modern Social Engineering Part II - Top 5 Ways to Manipulate Humans Over the Wire
    Tags: ( webcasts social-engineering )
  8. Chris's thoughts on the Verizon Breach report.
    2009 Verizon Breach Report << Risktical Ramblings
    Tags: ( verizon dbir )
  9. John talks about an interesting report that takes a look at the cost of a lost laptop. Not as obvious as you might think.
    The Real Costs Of Laptop Loss - Evil Bytes Blog - Dark Reading
    Tags: ( laptops )
  10. Dan's list of 10 add-ons that information security professionals might find helpful. I use several of them.
    10 Essential Firefox Plugins for the Infosec Professional |
    Tags: ( firefox add-ons )
  11. Some nifty updates and changes in the Jeriko project. Check it out.
    Jeriko Group and Source Code Repository | GNUCITIZEN
    Tags: ( pentest jeriko )
  12. Time to patch your Chrome installations.
    Google Releases Chrome Browser Security Fix
    Tags: ( google chrome )

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