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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. You probably already are aware of this. has indicated that they have suffered a breach. The evil doers have pretty much everything you ever put into Monster that you would consider sensitive. suffers database breach deja vu * The Register
    Tags: ( breach monstor )
  2. Andrew has a nifty little script you can use to remotely check the time on your windows boxen.
    Andrew Hay >> Blog Archive >> Quick Script to Remotely Check Windows System Time
    Tags: ( tools windows scripts time )
  3. Sensepost has a challenge up regarding reverse engineering an FTP server. Give it a go.
    QoW: Software Reversing and Exploitation
    Tags: ( challenge exploit software reversing )
  4. Alex calls PCI security through obscurity.
    The Source of PCI DSS "Failure" |
    Tags: ( pci )
  5. Chris disagrees with Alex's notion that PCI is security through obscurity.
    PCI-DSS Is Not About "Security by Obscurity" << Risktical Ramblings
    Tags: ( pci )
  6. A nice set of links to good articles on cloud computing. Includes some security related info too.
    Hat Tip:
    System Advancements at the Monastery >> Blog Archive >> Recent Cloud Postings
    Tags: ( cloud )
  7. Part 2 of Erik's series on Security Your Linux Host is available.
    Art of Information Security >> Secure Your Linux Host - Part 2: Secure SSH
    Tags: ( linux securing )
  8. Nice walk through of an XSS attack.
    Hat tip: @lbhuston
    Anatomy of an XSS Attack
    Tags: ( xss )
  9. A nice exploration of Skype and its use in your environment.
    Skype, is it right for you?
    Tags: ( skype )

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